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Our passion /

Kapronca fruit farm wants to show you our passion for the best cordials a man can make.

We take a great pride in carefully crafted process to create our cordials. It is something we do for decades and generations. We pampered our taste buds with amazingly refreshing drinks in sunny summers and also with heart warming beverages in winter.

/ Love at first sip

Every time we go out, we pick only the best flowers and fruit. It is invigorating because we are excited to create delicious cordials from it.

Every year we are eager to try our latest cordial, especially our children and grandchildren. It is because we are always trying to improve, going even into the tiniest detail. We are sure that you will sense our devotion when you try it. Notice the first impression of your loved ones when they try it. Then you will know what "Love at first sip" means.

/ Natural and Simple

Northern Croatia has plenty of fresh air and untouched forests. It is great to walk here and enjoy it. We want you to experience it. Perfection takes time and effort.

That is why our cordials are hand made. We love the process, it connects us with nature even further. We strongly believe that if you do something you should do it the best you can. We also believe in simplicity. That is why we have no added artificial ingredients.

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/ Great TaSte Awards

Our efforts have been recognized by Great Taste Awards. It is known as food Oscar. All three flavors of Imanje Kapronca's cordials are awarded with Great Taste stars, which made us the first and only Great Taste Producer in Croatia.

But even more importantly, we are cherished to hear when you love our drinks. It makes our efforts worthwhile. Feel free to give us your impressions, we love to be in touch.

Great Taste Award 2019.
Great Taste Award 2018.
Great Taste Award 2017.
Great Taste Producers

Ribbon Premium


Our cordials come in 470ml bottles and 35ml sachets

Flavors Table


Rich floral flavor and scent will make you feel like you are right next to blossomed elderflower tree.

It blends perfectly with still water, sparkling water, white wine or sparkling wine. You have to try Hugo cocktail, look for the recipe on our bottle. In winter make it with hot water and cinnamon, it is a nice twist.


Fruity, delicate flavor, subtly sweet with luxurious deep red color.

Mix it with still water or sparkling water. Use it as a dressing for ice cream or cake, you will love it. Many classic cocktails can be infused with raspberry for an interesting twist.


Contrast of amazingly refreshing yet slightly sweet flavor is perfect for summer days and nights.

It is truly invigorating. It goes great with still water, sparkling water, white wine or sparkling wine. Mint gives Mojito cocktail its distinct freshness. Infuse it to Hugo for added freshness. Pour it in hot water for a quick mint tea.